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Here, it’s hip to be square. 

Here, questions are good, experiments are great, and wild ideas are cherished. 

Here, we value tradition but we embrace progression.


Russ Karasch is always creating something new and while his inventions are used worldwide by distillers, brewers and vintners, it is his love of building barrels- of interacting with the wood to release its optimal flavors- that defines this concept and his life’s passion.


David Monahan, the distiller / chef / entre-gineer of the party, has a knack for challenging conventional industry thinking and he has been formally recognized as an exceptional whiskey distiller with a flair towards the unconventional.


Alex Mackewich is our sustainability aficionado- her collaborations have focused on continued education, community building, and conservation. Every project is rooted in having a beneficial impact in our industry and our planet.


Tom Ohlin, owner of Minnetonka Brewing Equipment Co., had the pleasure of meeting Russ Karasch at a spirits tradeshow and has been involved ever since. MBEC’s commitment to dependable customer service, affordable products, and now the “SQUARREL”, supports the customer from start to finish.

We love to learn here.

We love to explore, to experiment, to find new flavors, to embark on adventures, to try new things, to try old things, to discover subtleties, to appreciate nuances. 


We also love to develop new processes, to improve in ways that are logical and sensible but also in ways that benefit our planet and, specifically, our natural resources.

We are a team devoted to our industry and we are a team who cares- a lot- about wood and about our planet and about the people on this earth. 


We promise to put the customer first, to treat everyone with respect, to always provide a quality experience and to always make ethical, sustainable and responsible choices.


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