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The trees lives and ours- past and future- are intertwined

life is a network, there is no nature or environment separate from humans

-the songs of trees, David George Haskell

each piece of wood gives itself to the spirit, beer, wine, all of its history & its experiences are all imbued into the liquid it touches


Don’t want to read 5 pages of website- well here’s a snapshot. Here’s what makes the Squarrel, the Squarrel.


We’re a group who cares a ton about wood. Like A TON.

And a we’re a group who cares deeply about what we’re drinking.

And we’re a group who loves the people and the process behind it all.

We’re basically just people for the ethical treatment of trees as natural resource.


Squarrels are square barrels. Clever, eh? They’re reusable and they’re customizable. Use them for spirits, use them for beer, use them for wine. Use them for kombucha or cider or coffee. Use them for chocolate. Use them for pickles or for hot sauce.

Squarrels are barrels, they do everything a barrel does. And ironically, their rigid structure is quite flexible.

Our Why

The Squarrel happened because these 2 things happened: 1- the shortage of white oak meant there was a shortage of oak staves available for traditional barrel making. 2- there was plethora of unwanted/unused short oaks staves (consisting of the very same quality as those longer normal looking staves) being trashed by cooperages and stave mills.

Squarrel is designed to give you everything you need in a barrel while minimizing waste and maximizing our precious oak tree resource.

Yes, maybe we’re a bit tree hugger-y but guess what- we’re ok with that.

The Squarrel Situation

Its replaceable staves provide an infinite number of combinations of wood, allowing for myriads of flavor combinations. From different wood species to stave styles to treatments- every barrel is fully customizable and easily replicated at the same time.

It’s taking BYOB to a whole new level!

That’s ‘build your own barrel,’ of course. You can find more information here on our Customizability page!

Our Goals

From the traditional and tried and true, all the way to the experimental and progressive, Squarrel is here to help foster your creativity all while preserving our natural resources.

We love wood and all things wood related- and constantly experimenting and questioning and challenging the status quo is something else we love. So, stay tuned. Discoveries and experiments and all sorts of projects are headed your way.

Peace, love, and honor for the Oak,

The Squarrel Squad

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